Vintage Antique 1912 Westinghouse 4 blade desk fan 98926b

This vintage Westinghouse desk fan is an exceptional antique collectible from 1912. It features four brass blades with a diameter of 12 inches, and a circular vent style that provides air supply for ventilation. The fan is powered by electricity, and it’s an original, licensed reproduction from the United States. This antique fan has a…


Vintage Dominion Antique Electric Fan

This vintage electric fan from Dominion is a great addition to any collection of antique small appliances. The fan has a beautiful antique finish and operates through electrical power. It features a Dominion brand name plate and is a great representation of antique fans. Perfect for any antique enthusiast or collector of vintage electric fans.


Vintage Emerson Model 77646 Blade Oscillator Nice

This vintage Emerson model 77646 electric fan features a beautiful brass design, with oscillation capabilities for optimal cooling. Its antique status and unique features make it a great addition to any collection or as a decorative item in a home or office. Despite its age, it still runs smoothly and is in great working condition.…